We believe it’s time to begin having [more] conversations around the topic of fast fashion - the origins of clothing, the exploitation of a predominantly female based work force, and the massive impact it has on our environment.

We’re teaming up with shops around Denver who carry sustainable/ ethical lines (or who sell secondhand, vintage, and consignment apparel). They’ve agreed to rep the Slow Fashion Denver icon so that consumers can shop informed.

At this time, the entirety of a shop’s collection is not required to be sustainable/ethical. The goal is that with time and education, consumers will be demanding nothing less from retailers; forcing their hand to carry only sustainable/ethical lines; and ultimately driving demand away from the fast fashion industry. You can read more about the initiative here.

If you’re interested in joining the movement, shoot us an email. Don’t live in Denver? Don’t worry! We’ll be expanding the SF movement to a city near you in time.