Carry All Goods

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Countless Styles to Transport Your Stuff

Cheyenne Thomas


There are a lot of companies making handbags, purses, backpacks, wallets, etc. - sustainably, ethically, and of course - fashionably. So many in fact, that this is likely only part I of a series that highlights companies crafting carry all goods. For now, check out this lineup…



Market Bags

Apolis’ motto is “advocacy through industry.” They’re a B Corp certified company who believes people can live better lives when given equal access to the global marketplace. Their market bags are made by woking mothers in Bangladesh and you can customize yours to say whatever your heart desires on their site.

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Line + Tow


Line + Tow was started by a gal named Grace Brian in Roanoke, VA. Her pieces are hand sewn in Guatemala where the fabric is sourced. Line + Tow’s “thing” is designing products for longevity and versatility. Don’t let the small collection fool you into thinking less of this designer.

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Minimal Bags

I found out about Joshu + Vela when I was in San Francisco last year. Their brick and mortar functions as both retail and studio- where customers can see production firsthand. J + V crafts their products using both leather and canvas; and everything is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Leather Bags

Able is on a mission to create transparency in the fashion industry by publishing the wages of their employees (the lowest paid, not the average). They believe in protecting and investing in women by providing the opportunity for them to earn a living- empowering them to end the cycle of poverty in which they’re otherwise trapped.

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Winter Session

Utilitarian Carry Goods

Based out of Denver, CO Winter Session handcrafts an array of canvas and leather bags. Their aesthetic is functional and unisex and their pieces are made to last a lifetime. I used their Garrison tote as my carry-on bag for flights, currently use it as a diaper bag, and anticipate putting it to use as a work tote in the future. Their workmanship is top notch.

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Woven and Leather Bags

Seeko provides opportunity for women in East Africa to end the cycle of poverty by enabling them to attend university. These women are employed by the company for nine months during which time they save for university, are given life skills training, obtain formal work experience, are even paired with a professional mentor. At the end of their employment their university savings is matched 300%. To date, Sseko has empowered 131 women to attend higher education.

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Handbags, Purses, Backpacks, & More

Joyn offers products that empower the communities they come from by creating jobs for the marginalized. Through their partnerships, they’re able to move local businesses toward long-term sustainability. Joyn aims to establish work into the hands of the makers/ artisans, defy the fast fashion industry of sweatshops, and put an end to underpaid laborers.

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Eighth belle

Repurposed Sailcloth Bags

Eighth Belle comes out of New York where the founder/designer uses retired sails to fashion everything from book bags to lunch sacks to picnic totes. They’re all made by hand in her solar powered studio.

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