It all started when…

Hi I’m Cheyenne! This journey to shopping ethically manufactured brands began many years ago when someone asked if I’d ever checked the tag on my clothes. Where were they made? I knew where I’d purchased it and how much I’d spent, but I knew nothing of the origin. Something about that bothered me and from then on I couldn’t help but hunt down the tag on any piece of clothing I picked up. It was almost like a game. Over time, however, I realized how monotonous my treasure hunt had become. The likelihood that I would find something not made in a developing country was slim to none. Slowly I began to take note of which companies/brands were more likely to manufacture in the USA. I’d send emails, ask questions, and if they checked out - they were in! Fast forward to today and I’m thrilled to share that the meager list of brands I had at the beginning of my process is now a lengthy one. My passion is to simplify the task of shopping sweatshop free by streamlining ethically conscious companies into a one stop resource. As consumers, we hold the power to change the tides of fast fashion by voting with our dollars. Follow along in championing the companies who are doing things right!